Luxurious Swimming Pool with Mayan Kitchen

We recently completed a beautiful swimming pool at the Lodge. Totally off-grid, it is salt-filtered, and powered by the sun & wind. Made of reinforced concrete and tile with a spacious hardwood deck, our pool is adjacent to the house and the outdoor showers. It’s expansive deck connects it to a traditional Mayan Kitchen. This outdoor¬†kitchen has a woven palapa roof and a large masonry “Fire Hearth” ~ custom-made for wood-fired barbecue, fine dining, epic entertainment, and tropical relaxation.

The deck and Mayan Kitchen are made of locally-sourced hardwoods – specifically Sapodilla, Cabbage Bark and Bullet Tree, which are impervious to weather and termites. The hardwood bar and work surfaces in the Mayan Kitchen are custom-crafted from storm-downed Mahogany, and the Fire Hearth’s fantastic mantle is hand-cut from a Rosewood log we found and salvaged from a nearby ocean beach. Shaded by a thatched roof of locally-sourced Bay leaves woven¬†by a Mayan craftsman, this is the perfect place to prepare and enjoy fresh-caught fish cooked according to a local Creole recipe.

Our friends enjoying the pool.

For reduced energy use and maintenance, this is a salt-filtered pool. Our salt is electronically processed into small but adequate amounts of chlorine, so neither salt nor chlorine can be tasted in the water, our eyes are not irritated, but the water is well-filtered and purified to crystal clarity.