This completely self-sufficient 3-bedroom lodge was built in 2010,  and it features breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding Maya Mountains and the seaside Southern Lagoon from its wrap-around verandas. Interior details include a great room with native hardwood flooring and walls, and an 18ft-high vaulted ceiling made entirely of polished mahogany and other local hardwoods, served by a well-equipped kitchen. The main elevated living level is 2,100 sq. ft. under roof, and the lower level (also 2,100 sq. ft under roof) has an enclosed laundry room; a power/workroom with computerized controls for the solar power system; and an open concrete pad for sheltering boats and vehicles under the house.

Each bedroom has a private en-suite bathroom crafted of local hardwood and custom tile, and a private exterior entry onto the wide veranda. The veranda floors are made of native cabbagebark, and the balusters are custom bamboo, harvested nearby. There are two spacious outdoor showers with bamboo baluster walls next to the pool.

All electricity & water comes from the sky! The robust solar & wind power system provides enough 110v and 220v electricity for all daily household power requirements, including air conditioning. This coastal area gets 80+ inches of rain per year, which is ample to supply household water, harvested from the roof into a series of large, easily-cleaned water tanks, then into a filtered, pressurized water system, with well back-up. Freshwater creeks flow year round through and around the property.

This location also benefits from a consistent Caribbean breeze of about 10-13 knots to drive a marine grade WhisperJet 200 Wind Turbine mounted on a 60ft communication tower, generating 2,000 watts of electricity. The centerpiece of Last Frontier’s lodge house’s power system is an array of 50 solar panels, (10,000 watts) with 32 sealed gel-cell batteries, and a computerized double-inverter system. Backup is an automatic 2kW propane generator, although the backup system has never been needed.

This lodge house is strategically located within our 870-acres along a 2-1/2 mile private, paved road which leads to a private waterfront. The waterfront extends 1 mile along the exotic Southern Lagoon. Placed strategically are two, 2BR watchmen/ maintenance staff houses, also powered by off-grid systems. With gated entry at the Coastal Road, 24/7 on-site security, and monitored docks on the Southern Lagoon, the house and property are safe and secure. The staff is military and embassy trained, and can teach you about the ecology, the flora and fauna of the area.

There are numerous building sites for waterfront cabanas, additional private residences, or a commercial resort. The waterfront area now has a 136-ft wooden pier with a Mayan-built thatch palapa roof, extending into the Southern Lagoon from a picturesque sand beach with sea grape, coconut palm, calabash and other hardwoods. This pier is our welcome dock for visitors who come by boat, and it is our early-morning staging dock for fishing trips. A working 52 ft dock and boat launch is secure inside Crocodile Creek, adjacent to the waterfront area. From these docks, the Caribbean Sea is a few minutes away, Belize City is 90 minutes away by boat or vehicle, while the extensive, mountain-ringed Gales Point Wildlife Sanctuary surrounds us.

Fruit & vegetables are grown on-site, other food is purchased from subsistence farmers in the area. We grow many mango trees, also cashew, orange, grapefruit, lime, plantain and banana trees. Water melon and vegetables are grown on site. There are thousands of wild orchids and bromeliads, and flowering bushes and trees of every description.