De-invent your exterior world in this other-worldly haven, far from modern distractions. We have created a harmonious, private paradise here at Last Frontiers Lodge, worlds away from your civilization ~ where you can come and recharge, unwind, and gain new perspectives.

Relax in the evening on the veranda overlooking the mountain-rimmed, seaside lagoon, watching the sunset and hearing Sambai drums echo across the water from the village. Listen to night birds and howler-monkeys call to each other. You will occasionally hear the jaguar, as she makes her night patrol.  The stars of the vast milky way go on forever.

During the day boat out into the Caribbean and explore untouched beaches or snorkel coral reefs. Catch snook and snapper for dinner. Explore the wild Manatee Bar River, the short but spectacular river that flows from this rich estuary into the sea. As you encounter flocks of ibis and heron, look down to see hundreds of stingrays winging their way under the boat, upstream, like a river-borne M.C. Escher scene.

Visit Gales Point Village, a “Maroon” settlement, that time and commerce has forgotten. Untouched by MTV, this culture has changed little over the centuries, except to perfect and pass on a rich drumming and musical heritage, stretching back in time to mother Africa.

Hike the property’s national-park-quality Vista Trail for a grand Caribbean panorama amid an amazing variety of orchids, bromeliads and flowering hardwoods. Parrots and Aracari call nearby, and flocks of Blue Morpho butterflies flash in the dappled sunlight. Explore large cavern systems where Mayan artifacts – and skeletons – can be found. Boat, kayak or canoe down one of the seven clear jungle rivers that flow from the Maya Mountains, where you can learn about the traditional uses, taxonomy, history, and symbiotic relationships of the flora and fauna you will encounter.

Visit traditional “bush farms” nearby, where we source some of our vegetables and fruit. Learn about the primordial lifestyle and farming methods used by these subsistence farmers. At one such farm we often fly fish for landlocked, freshwater tarpon and snook.

Bring your camera or your paints & canvas. Our scenery will inspire. Bring your taste-buds, as the local Creole cooks will inspire you with their cooking.

Bring your guitar and singing voice to add to the exceptional local music.

Bring your pen or laptop because there are stories on the wind, tales in the bonfires, and secret histories flowing down our seven jungle rivers,
into the sea.